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Man-made Global Warming/Climate Change - Whatever They Call It is the Biggest Man-made Hoax!

About Us 

Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, No Real Difference Both abuse humans in the name of saving animals. If We Didn't Care The Violence Escolation Theory is touted by animal rights/welfarists, and it claims violence done to animals always escolates to violence done to humans, or that everyone who has been physically abusive to humans has started out abusing animals. It's a scare tactic and it is folly. Animal Rights Gone Badis an article about extremists attacking families in their homes. Basic Hypocrisy of Animal Rights and Welfare Animal Rights Trapped by their Own Dogma

A Gathering Storm Ethical and Responsible, Why We Should Avoid Using Those Words Concerning Animals SPCA accuses family of mistreating their animals and it is all a big malicious lie. Anthropomorphism Snake in the Grass

I Rescued A Human/Your Dog Today sob story and poem chain letters get a reality check. Animal Welfare and Rights Terminology Quotes Proving that animal rights/welfare/protection is anything but warm and fuzzy. Includes quotes by human extinctionist animal extremists. I'm So Compassionate Animal/green activists love to trumpet how "compassionate" "kind" "humane" "caring" and "loving" they are - toward the animals, toward the planet, and any "concern" or "alarm" they display about the human race is always a pretext to further their misanthropic agendas.


Eco Environmentalist Animal Rights Welfare Protection

Horrible Things animal activists say and do


Animal extremists typically believe and say things like this.



Myth and Fact Debunking the lies aw/ar/ap and environmentalists tell.


Green Peace

Humane Society of the US HSUS


Animal Rescue Is it really all that compassionate?


What's Your Story a place to put accounts of being victimized and bullied by animal and eco activists and organizations. Also a place to put vents and rants about them.


Law and Legislation a place to alert about and discuss proposed animal bills, bi-laws and bans and work to defeat them.


Terminally Stupid people who need to be kicked out of every community.



Laughable Stupidity is a place where anything goes that fits in both the "Terminally Stupid" and "Humor" sections. Can't decide where to submit something so laughably stupid? Put it here.

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